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Announcement: Next Expat Mixer  -  WEDNESDAY December 3 rd 2014 at Lobster Bar and Grill Shangri-La Hotel, Ningbo 88 Yuyuan Street, Ningbo, Zhejiang, 18:30-21:30 Happy Mixer Time. No RSVP required..walk in event. Please share the news and let’s meet all.

ningbo expat free conceling
With over 12 years of local experience, serving more than 300 foreign invested companies, we are convinced that the key to success in China is to avoid legislative obstacles and administrative pitfalls. Bridging language barriers between the local and international management is important, but understanding the requirements and demands of Chinese authorities is crucial.
In an attempt to support entities operating remotely from the main business hubs in China, S.J.Grand – Financial and Tax Advisory in Cooperation with Ningbo Expat created a unique opportunity to evaluate your compliance situation. Make sure your company processes are in line with the latest legal developments and get your most urgent questions related to tax, accounting and payroll issues answered.
On the 3rd  December 2014,  holding the first session in Ningbo during the Ningbo Mixer.. Free Counseling
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    Free Counseling Hour with Expert at 3rd December Ningbo Mixer
    Free Counseling Hour  with Expert at 3rd December Ningbo Mixer LANGUAGE DIFFERENCE IS NOT THE ONLY COMMUNICATION PROBLEM IN CHINA With over 12 years of local experience, serving more than 300 fo... Read more
    Ningbo’s Foreign Trade Volume Exceeds 500 Billion Yuan
    Many in-shops labeled Mascube appeared in shopping malls in Thailand and some Northern European countries. “That’s what we call WSFF. We provide comprehensive support for brand packing, store desi... Read more
    Smart transportation application system established
    "Ningbo Pass", the travel information service system based on the mobile phone terminal, was issued to the public in September 2013. Covering almost all the aspects of transportation including pedestr... Read more
    Promotion Special Offers
    Promotions-Special Offers
    Ningbo, China, 21 November 2014 - Embracing Ningbo with our heartfelt hospitality, Shangri-La hotel Ningbo hosted an Appreciation Dinner on 21st November 2014 to celebrate Shangri-La 30 years of servi... Read more
    Promotion • Promotions-Special Offers
    Shangri La Hotel Ningbo-Shang Palace Sashimi
    Shang Palace is providing the finest sashimi to you now. Chef searches the best Ark shell, Salmon and Arctic surf clams, Yellow tail, Abalone and spotted prawn from Pacific Ocean. Taste the ... Read more
    Ningbo News • Promotion • Promotions-Special Offers
    Shangri La Hotel Ningbo-Shang Palace Yum Cha
    Over 40 kinds of dim sum.  Come and try them all. All you can eat Yum Cha at only RMB 138 per person. Weekend Yum Cha lunch only at Shang Palace. Shangri-La Hotel, Ningbo Address: 88 Yu... Read more
    Ningbo News • Promotions-Special Offers
    Run For Good The Westin Ningbo – see the pictures right here
    The Westin Ningbo – Fun Light Run Let us make an appointment with the night. They clean! You run! We donate! Time: 12th October, 2014  Date: 19:00 – 21:30 Venue: 3KM & 5KM Run Westin... Read more
    Ningbo Governmental News 
    Governmental News
    Emerging Industrial Cluster Area Yields High
    Up to August, 34 enterprises have settled in the emerging industries cluster area in a period of less than 3.5 years, with the speed unparalleled  among counterpart development zones in Zhejiang Prov... Read more
    Governmental News
    Ningbo economy grows well in the first three quarters
    According to a preliminary calculation, in the first three quarters of 2014, Ningbo achieved a total GDP of 540.52 billion yuan, an increase of 7.2% over the same period of last year in terms of the c... Read more
    Governmental News
    Imports of diapers soar
    Statistics from Ningbo Customs show that over the first three quarters of this year, the baby diapers imported via Ningbo Port have reached 50030 tons, with a total value of 250 million yuan, both up ... Read more
    Governmental News
    Bank-enterprise financing docking meeting held
    On 28 October, the Ningbo Municipal Branch of China People's Bank and Ningbo Municipal Financial Office jointly held a financing docking meeting for the financial institutions and major public welfare... Read more
    Ningbo News
    11 cultural projects attracting 6.6 billion yuan
    Recently, a cultural-financial docking meeting between banks and enterprises was held, when the agreements were signed on the scene for 11 cultural projects (including the "Happy Beach" project and th... Read more
    Technological centers attracting talents
    "Based on the enterprise engineering (technology) center, the innovative platform for talent accumulation, our company has attracted over 200 professional R&D personnel, which helps to speed up our st... Read more
    中国,宁波,2014年11月21日–为庆祝香格里拉品牌进入中国三十载,宁波香格里拉大酒店于2014年11月21日晚在宁波大宴会厅举行盛大的客户答谢晚宴,真... Read more
    Returned Overseas Entrepreneurial Association established
    The inauguration meeting for the Entrepreneurial Development Association for the Returned Overseas Chinese was held at the Service Center for Non-party Representatives in Haishu District, marking the ... Read more
    Ningbo Business
    Ningbo Business
    Ningbo Angel Capital Guidance Fund Finances 49 Projects
    "It’s only two years since our company settled in Ningbo and now our products have come on the market. Now our orders have reached several hundred thousand yuan and next year is expected to see a hi... Read more
    Ningbo Business
    Cross-border E-commerce Contest Held
    On November 5, Ningbo Vocational Skill TV Competition com the First Cross-Border E-commerce Skill Competition was held at Ningbo Free Trade Zone.  In a period of one month’s time, 48 teams shall op... Read more
    Ningbo Business
    Ningbo Tourism Festival boosts comprehensive consumption
    The two-month 2014 Ningbo Tourism Festival came to a successful end on October 28. Statistics show that during the festival, the tourist departments in Ningbo organized 12 major events and 68 social a... Read more
    On The Campus
    On The Campus
    Educational equality of Ningbo ranks No.1
    We learned from Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Education in November 19 the educational development research center of Ministry of Education has published Monitoring and Comparative study report on Educat... Read more
    On The Campus
    University-industry cooperation boosts technological investment
    Recently, Ningbo Yongjia Electronic Technology Co. Ltd made primarily confirmation with Sichuan University and UESTC on the design plan of automatic production line for automatic detection, classifica... Read more
    On The Campus
    Zhenhai cooperates with German University to build vocational education center
    Recently, the first high-skilled talents training center by Dresden University of Technology from Germany settled down in Zhenhai Vocational Education Center, which symbolized the start of the coopera... Read more
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    2014 Ningbo Maritime Culture Week Kicks off
    On November 17, “the ten most beautiful maritime cultural spots in Ningbo” was revealed on the opening ceremony of the 2014 Ningbo maritime culture week held in the Culture Square Theater. They ar... Read more
    Cixi has got 108 city-level research institutes in enterprises
    We learned from Cixi Science and Technology Bureau the number of enterprise R&D institutions at the municipal level broke through 108 up to now which is leading in all counties and districts of Ningbo... Read more
    Trouble viewing the internet
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    4th Movie & TV Carnival held in Xiangshan
      4th Movie & TV Carnival held in Xiangshan The 4th Movie & TV Carnival was held at Xiangshan Movie & TV City, attracting a lot of tourists with various activities. Read more
    Full lunar eclipse takes place
    Full lunar eclipse takes place On the evening of October 8, also the 15th of the 9th lunar month according to Chinese lunar calendar, a full lunar eclipse took place and lasted for over an hour Read more

    Trying Military Food! (Ian is Bored 29)
    NEWEST EPISODE: In this episode, I try a government-issued MRE (Meal Ready to Eat), a package of food that is given to our US soldie… Read more
    American food taste test
    My facebook page: Read more
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