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Each First Wednesday OF The Month its MIXER Time Open FOR ALL

The“NINGBOEXPAT MIXER”. -OPEN FOR ALL-  will be held each first Wednesday of the month  at the named location between 19.00 till 21:30. Buy your Rmb 80 voucher at the entrance and get 2 Drinks - Draft Beer Tsing Tao or Carlsberg, Red and White Wine, Soft Drinks and Chilled Juices and any additional standard drink at  50% discounted rates in combination with selected Complimentary food   A great place for new comers to Ningbo and meeting old friends again. The theme "Mingle and Enjoy".  Entrance is free ( consummation voucher Rmb 80 for 2 drinks and complimentary food at the entrance) and “no strings attached” -

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  • Zhejiang Port Co., Ltd. to Be Indirect Shareholder of Ningbo Port Co., Ltd.

    Zhejiang Port Co., Ltd. to Be Indirect Shareholder of Ningbo Port Co., Ltd.

    Ningbo Port Co., Ltd. announced on Nov. 21 that it has received the notification from Zhoushan(Ningbo) Port Co., Ltd., one of its controlling shareholders. The notification said that Stated-owned Assets Supervision & Administration Commission of Ningbo and Stated-owned Assets Supervision & Administration Commission of Zhoushan had signed The Stated-owned Share Transfer Agreement with Zhejiang Provincial Port & Investment Group on Nov. 19. According to The Agreement, the Stated-owned Assets Supervision & Administration Commission of Ningbo and Zhoushan will transfer 94.47% and 5.53% shares of Zhoushan (Ningbo) Port Co., Ltd. respectively to Zhejiang Provincial Port & Investment Group for free.
    State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province also singed The Share Transfer Agreement with Stated-owned Assets Supervision & Administration Commission of Ningbo and Stated-owned Assets Supervision & Administration Commission of Zhoushan on Nov. 19 and will transfer 79.70% and 4.67% of Zhejiang Provincial Port Group to them respectively.
    According to the statement, Zhejiang Provincial Port Group will become the indirect shareholder of Ningbo Port Co., Ltd. It’s said that the total registered capital of Zhoushan(Ningbo) Port Co., Ltd. is 6000 million Yuan while the registered capital of Zhejiang Provincial Port Group is 6400 million Yuan, independently invested by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province.
    Founded in the end of September, 2015, Zhoushan(Ningbo) Port Co., Ltd. is co-invested by Ningbo Port Co., Ltd. and Zhoushan(Ningbo) Port Co., Ltd. Stated-owned Assets Supervision & Administration Commission of Zhoushan transferred all its shares of Zhoushan(Ningbo) Port Co., Ltd. freely to Ningbo Port Co., Ltd. while Stated-owned Assets Supervision & Administration Commission of Ningbo transferred its equivalence shares of  Ningbo Port Co., Ltd. to Stated-owned Assets Supervision & Administration Commission of Zhoushan. Then, Ningbo Port Co., Ltd. was renamed as Zhoushan(Ningbo) Port Co., Ltd., which accelerated the development of the ports in Zhejiang Province.
    Zhoushan(Ningbo) Port Co., Ltd. will continue to serve as the transfer base of container, ore, oil and liquid chemicals in mainland China while developing deepwater coastlines to make itself one of the ore transfer ports for the biggest ore ships as well as the top-level modernized port in the world.

  • Senior High School Entrance Exam May Reform
  • Delegation Headed by Lu Ziyue Visited Wuhan
  • Nottingham Investment Promotion Office in Ningbo Established
  • Ningbo opens direct flight to Nagoya

Ningbo Governmental News and Information

  • The Fifth Smart City Expo Closed

    The Fifth Smart City Expo Closed

    During the smart city expo, a smart household clothes hanger presented in Hall 1 of Ningbo International Exhibition Center has attracted a lot of citizens. In this expo, smart products which are close to daily life like smart glasses, smart sports bracelets and smart food printer are very popular among citizens. 
    The fifth China Smart City Expo of Technological and Applicational Products which lasts for three days comes to an end on the afternoon of September 13. The expo has attracted visitors of more than 66 thousand people. 28 smart product projects like ‘State Internet + Smart Manufacture and Renovation Service Platform’ of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology CSIP, ‘Internet + City’ of Tencent, and ‘Smart Wearable Device Industrial Base’ of Neosoft have signed contracts with investors with a total investment of over 7 billion Yuan, involving fields like smart production, wearable device, cloud calculating, big data and public renovation.
      On this expo, there are nearly 300 companies from home and abroad, including 10 World Top 500 companies like IBM, Alibaba, Tencent and Netease, more than 50 listed companies and nearly 40 Top 100 software companies. ‘1+10’ theme forum is held centering on topics like ‘Internet + Industry Renovation and Development’.
    The participation of the Makers has made the entrepreneurial atmosphere of the expo even stronger. 17 teams out from more than 200 Makers’ teams nationwide are in the national Final of China (Ningbo) Makers Entrepreneur Competition, and are given instruction in industry information, entrepreneur training and capital raising by mentor groups consist of industry experts, successful Makers and company leaders.
    Meanwhile, the expo has obviously contributed to the popularization of Science. In the International Exhibition Center, all kinds of high-tech and close-to life applications and interesting interactive activities have attracted more than 27 thousand visitors, making the center a super hot place.

  • 2015 Smart City Summit Forum Held
  • Nearly 100 billion yuan invested in eastern new town construction

Ningbo District - Know More About the City Around You

  • Beilun to Construct Safe Campus “Food Circle”

    Beilun to Construct Safe Campus “Food Circle”

    100 percent of 129 school cafeterias in Beilun District hold Catering Service License and have staple food ingredients delivery (sentinel procurement), 90 percent of their food and food ingredients are traceable. Sources from Beilun District Food Safety Office said that since “Students Food Safety Project” is launched, a safe “food circle” has formed in Beilun.
    What do students eat? Can the food safety be ensured? These are the most basic concerns of many parents. In 2013, Beilun District listed “Students Food Safety Project” as an important task for serving the public, made action program, clarified 10 priorities and implemented them to responsible units.
    An Official from Beilun District Food Safety Office said Beilun District has energetically promoted the construction of the management project of primary and secondary school canteens and introduced a series of advanced management methods. Up to now, 96 school cafeterias of grade A and grade B have implemented “Five Regular Methods”, 58 school cafeterias have applied color coding management to their food processing areas, and 89 schools have built “Transparent Kitchen”. In addition, Control over the market access system and the source of staple food was strengthened. 
    It is learnt that supervision department will focus on reviewing food processing while schools in this district are built or rebuilt. In these three years, 122 school canteens with disordered procedures older facilities were reformed and 100 percent of school canteens in Beilun adopted sentinel procurement, among which 65 school canteens realized staple food centralized distribution and 9 brand supermarkets were set up in schools.

  • Economy of Jiangdong District shifts to “four new” model
  • Smart mobile monitoring system piloted in Cixi
  • Haishu District Launches “Intelligent Enforcement” in Cultural Market
  • Cixi Owns 1588 Standardized Agricultural Entities

Ningbo Business News and Insider Info

  • Credit monitoring for logistics in operation in Jiangdong District

    Credit monitoring for logistics in operation in Jiangdong District

    The credit evaluation system for the shipping logistics industry in Ningbo was officially put into use on November 18. It only takes about a year for the credit monitoring system to be promoted from Jiangdong District to the whole city.
    Meanwhile, the first credit list for the enterprises concerned was released on the same day by Jiangdong District. The credit classification and monitoring services for the shipping logistics enterprises have become a major means for the district to encourage enterprises to develop "credit economy" and upgrade the port economic circle construction in Ningbo. 
    By virtue of the geographical advantages of Ningbo being the No.1 rail-sea transportation port and a major container hub port, Jiangdong District has become a main battlefield for the shipping logistics industry in Ningbo, with a strong radiation effect. Currently, there are over 1300 shipping logistics enterprises in the district, including 727 international freight logistics enterprises, accounting for one third of the total number for the whole city. Half of the top 20 shipping giants have settled down in the district. 
    For justice, the credit monitoring and evaluation activity is co-conducted by the government, the enterprises and the shipping association. Firstly, the market supervision and administration bureau of the district collects the registration, prize and penalty information of the shipping logistics enterprises, and then the data will be submitted to the credit evaluation system of Ningbo Shipping Exchange, a third-party agency, and finally the system will give the enterprises a grade according to the parameters pre-fixed by the Shipping Logistics Association. 
    As is reported, the evaluation activity for shipping logistics enterprises of 2016 will start in January, when all the international freight agencies in the shipping logistics industry can apply for credit grading on the platform.

  • Food industry enters “Internet plus” era
  • Procurement docking meeting held
  • 1st China (Ningbo) Female Startup Festival Opened
  • Ninghai enterprises go out to the international market

Ningbo On The Campus - Schools And University

  • Ningbo Reading Week starts

    Ningbo Reading Week starts

    The "Books in Ningbo: 2015 Ningbo Reading Week" activity was launched at the Culture Square on October 31, co-sponsored by Ningbo Culture, Broadcasting, TV, Press and Publication Bureau, Ningbo Education Bureau, Ningbo Women's Federation, Ningbo Daily Group and Ningbo Broadcasting and TV Group, and co-hosted by Ningbo Library, Ningbo Xinhua Bookstore and the branches of the Culture, Broadcasting, TV, Press and Publication Bureau at the county and district level. 
    At the opening ceremony, the results of the "top ten reading promoters" and the "most beautiful reading spaces" were released, the classics reading activity was launched, and the awards for the "top ten reading families" were presented. Fan Xi'an, Deputy General Manager of China Publishing and Media Co. Ltd. and writer Wang Qianma donated the book "Ningbobang" to all the public libraries in Ningbo and Ningbobang Museum. 
    After one year's preparation, the Ningbo TV Library was officially open to the citizens on October 31. Based on the existing resources of the libraries in Ningbo and the TV communication network, it will build a high-definition video transmission platform for Ningbo citizens. So far, the TV Library has launched three columns, including Tianyi Lecture Hall, Tianyi Music and Readers' Space. 
    As one of the core activities of the reading week, the 2015 Ningbo Book Exhibition was held at the Culture Square, with over 30,000 types of books from 118 publication agencies, attracting over 100 special guests, writers, scholars and cultural celebrities. 
    There were also some other activities on the day, including the theme lecture "Internet + Modern Reading" by Fan Xi'an, the "Ancient Chinese Etiquettes in Chinese Idioms" by Wang Liqun (a famous lecturer from the CCTV Lecture Room at the "Tianyi Lecture Hall", the "book collection" forum, the comic book exhibition featuring award-winning works from such famous comic book masters as He Youzhi, and the book donation activities for the Jiabang Area of Guizhou Province.

  • Ningbo Association of Industry & Commerce signs cooperative agreement with Ningbo University
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation contest held
  • Talents in Ningbo total 1.739 million
  • 16 schools identified as soccer characteristic schools

Picture Story - See Ningbo With Other Eyes

  • Design of smart eco-type house

    Design of smart eco-type house

    Design of smart eco-type house Some 20 creative designs by students of the University of Technology of Ningbo attended the Sino-Germany Forum held by Zhejiang International Communication Association a couple of days ago, attracting quite many German...

NEICC What Can You Share With The Community

NEICC  NingboExpat International Community Center  NEICC   The NEICC (Ningbo Expat International Community Center) located in Jiandong Mansion near Carrefour and Fubang stadium, two key locations in Ningbo, is created to be a place to share and enjoy.  NEICC Ningbo Expat International Community CenterThe NEICC is offering to all Ningbo business, professional and individuals to host events at the location which can be contributing to the Ningbo Expat community life. To give you some example: Seasonal sales of textile or promotional items which are in your stock and of good quality, Kids and toddlers fashion, ladies fashion, swimwear etc. Promotional items that are overstocked from campaigns, production samples and novelties etc….:. We also know that some members of the Ningbo community are doing handicrafts, jewelries following traditional style of their country. If you are importing items from your country and are looking to present them to the wider circle of the community…….this is the right place. You are an artist and want to show your skills to a larger group neicc-buildingof people, music, dance, theater playing, cosplay, painting, photography…… we will support you with the sophisticated location. Seminars and workshops, DIY classes…….. and 1000 other things --- you do it , we promote it. Looking for a place to meet frequently to play chess, backgammon, bridge….. and enjoy a free coffee, tea or juice….. talk to us for details. Tell us what YOU can do and what you want to share with the community. We will be supporting it. Get in contact with us at   or  Wechat/ Weixin : ningboexpat    . We will arrange the presentation with you. You will be surprised how big that can be, because we will promote it to a large crowed. Looking forward to hearing from you NEICC – Exclusively Sponsored by, New Way Services and Vanke

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