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 The“NINGBOEXPAT MIXER”. -OPEN FOR ALL-  will be held each first Wednesday of the month  at the Ningbo Shangri La Hotel  between 19.00 till 21:30. Buy your Rmb 80 voucher at the entrance and get 2 Drinks - Draft Beer, Red and White Wine, Soft Drinks and Chilled Juices in combination with selected Complimentary food   Spring_Mixer_Friday_May_10th362a5b A great place for new comers to Ningbo and meeting old friends again. The theme "Mingle and Enjoy".  Entrance is free  and “no strings attached” - No RSVP Just walk in with friends too.

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  • Online Platform for Investment Projects in Ningbo Went into Operation

    Online Platform for Investment Projects in Ningbo Went into Operation

    An online examination, approval and supervisionplatform for investment projects in Ningbo went into full operation on August 15th, which signifies a seamless connection between platforms of central government, provinces and cites and counties. Hereafter, examination and approval for investment projects will be more convenient and coordinated management more efficient.   
    The introduction of this online platform is a key task of the State Council to innovate in investment project management, as well as an innovative measure of promoting streamlining administration and delegation, and improving service reform.

    Online examination and approval makes simultaneous work possible by linking departments in charge of development and reform, land and resources, city planning, and environmental protection, etc. together through the Internet and big data technologies. It also realizes a connection between governments at all levels so that proprietors are spared of repeated submission of materials. The platform, which deals with investment projects within certain time limits, has been applied in 271 government departments related to examination, approval and supervision in Ningbo now. 

    The greatest highlight of the platform lies in the system of unified project codes which are crucial for its operation. Each project must obtain a code as its unique ID from the platform before applying for examination, approval or supervision, and the progress of examination and approval can be check online. Besides, government department collect application materials and find related information according to project codes.   

    This platform makes the process of examination and approval more transparent since the progress online is public to appliers and all departments. It also boasts functions like handling within time limits and whole-process monitoring, which means the power of government departments is effectively monitored and restricted, in the meantime, supervision on projects by government departments are also more efficient, legal and convenient

  • CPI of July up by 1.6%

    CPI of July up by 1.6%

    August 23, 2016
  • Ningbo deals effectively with technical barriers to trade

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  • Foreign Trade in Ningbo Is About to Pick Up

    Foreign Trade in Ningbo Is About to Pick Up

    The dark nights of import and export trade in Ningbo finally ended. According to the statistics of Ningbo Customs, the total volume of foreign trade of Ningbo from January to July 2016 reached 343.35 billion yuan with a year-on-year growth of 0.2%. Among it, 100.85 billion yuan was created by import business (a 2.2% decrease) while 242.5 billion by export business (an 1.2% increase), thus lead to a trade surplus of 141.65 billion yuan. Ningbo met the first increase in foreign-trade total volume since 2016.

    Monthly statistics show that the foreign trade volume in July was 55.62 billion yuan with an increase of 6.1%. And the monthly volume have experienced a continuous increase for 5 months since March.

    The performance of private enterprises was striking. In last 7 months, they created 213.82-billion-yuan foreign trade volume with a year-on-year growth of 6.8%, accounting for 62.3% of Ningbo’s total volume. The monthly volume of private enterprises witnessed a continuous increase since March, ensuring their major roles in foreign trade industry. The increase in March was 32.4%, April 14.3%, May 10.4%, June 8.7% and July 11%. 

    Import and export trade with major trade partners and regions involved in national strategies is in a good condition. In details, Ningbo’s trade with the top three major partners all make progress: imports and exports to America created 61.37 billion yuan with a 3% increase; to ASEAN 29.64 billion yuan with a 8.3% increase; to countries along “the Belt and Road” 93.44 billion yuan with a 6.3% increase; and to Central and Eastern European countries 8.58 billion yuan with an 11.1% increase. What’s worth mentioning is that imports and exports to Hong Kong in July created 1.15 billion yuan with a 31.1% increase, which is the first increase in 2016

  • Ningbo Foreign Trade Rebounds
  • Sino-Japanese Talent & Technology Cooperation Forum held
  • First smart investment resource information system in Ningbo put into operation
  • Ningbo strengthens support on foreign trade

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  • Ningbo Tourism Development Fund Set up

    Ningbo Tourism Development Fund Set up

    The afternoon of January 26 saw the launch of Ningbo Tourism Development Fund. The fund shall be entrusted to Beida Jade Bird Group for operation. The No.1 component fund, totaling 300 million yuan, is jointly contributed by Ningbo Tourism Investment Company, Agricultural Bank of China, Huishenfeng Capital and the Ningbo Industrial Fund. 
    As one of the four industrial funds operated on a pilot basis, the Tourism Development Fund is expected to give full play to the guiding role of financial capital, encourage the social capital to be involved in construction of major tourism projects and to provide financial support for quality enterprises. The first component fund, amounting to 300 million yuan, is planned to be invested in coming five years. The component funds are expected to reach 2 billion yuan. 
    The Tourism Development Fund shall mainly support eight major investment fields, including development of tourism areas and countryside tourism programs that are above 3A level

  • Ningbo Tourism Development Fund Set up
  • New Year’s Day Holidays boosts short-haul tourism