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 The“NINGBOEXPAT MIXER”. -OPEN FOR ALL-  will be held each first Wednesday of the month  at the Ningbo Shangri La Hotel Lobster Bar and Grill between 19.00 till 21:30. Buy your Rmb 80 voucher at the entrance and get 2 Drinks - Draft Beer, Red and White Wine, Soft Drinks and Chilled Juices in combination with selected Complimentary food   Spring_Mixer_Friday_May_10th362a5b A great place for new comers to Ningbo and meeting old friends again. The theme "Mingle and Enjoy".  Entrance is free  and “no strings attached” - No RSVP Just walk in with friends too.

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  • The Fifth Smart City Expo Closed

    The Fifth Smart City Expo Closed

    During the smart city expo, a smart household clothes hanger presented in Hall 1 of Ningbo International Exhibition Center has attracted a lot of citizens. In this expo, smart products which are close to daily life like smart glasses, smart sports bracelets and smart food printer are very popular among citizens. 
    The fifth China Smart City Expo of Technological and Applicational Products which lasts for three days comes to an end on the afternoon of September 13. The expo has attracted visitors of more than 66 thousand people. 28 smart product projects like ‘State Internet + Smart Manufacture and Renovation Service Platform’ of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology CSIP, ‘Internet + City’ of Tencent, and ‘Smart Wearable Device Industrial Base’ of Neosoft have signed contracts with investors with a total investment of over 7 billion Yuan, involving fields like smart production, wearable device, cloud calculating, big data and public renovation.
      On this expo, there are nearly 300 companies from home and abroad, including 10 World Top 500 companies like IBM, Alibaba, Tencent and Netease, more than 50 listed companies and nearly 40 Top 100 software companies. ‘1+10’ theme forum is held centering on topics like ‘Internet + Industry Renovation and Development’.
    The participation of the Makers has made the entrepreneurial atmosphere of the expo even stronger. 17 teams out from more than 200 Makers’ teams nationwide are in the national Final of China (Ningbo) Makers Entrepreneur Competition, and are given instruction in industry information, entrepreneur training and capital raising by mentor groups consist of industry experts, successful Makers and company leaders.
    Meanwhile, the expo has obviously contributed to the popularization of Science. In the International Exhibition Center, all kinds of high-tech and close-to life applications and interesting interactive activities have attracted more than 27 thousand visitors, making the center a super hot place.

  • 2015 Smart City Summit Forum Held
  • Nearly 100 billion yuan invested in eastern new town construction

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  • The state-of –art equipment from private companies in Cixi tops the world

    The state-of –art equipment from private companies in Cixi tops the world

    Made in Cixi, Proud in China, First notch in this world. China has been listed in the first notch in the state-of –art fields including high speed railway, textile machinery civilian nuclear energy in terms of its technologies ,research capabilities and production capabilities .Ningbo Tiansheng Sealing Co. Ltd. ,HuiLi Mache nary Co. ltd, Cixing Stock Corp. ltd . have topped the world in these three industries along with sub-divided fields. HuiLi has been in the top three of its field with its bogy manufacture, which is the core part of the four brands in the field of global railway transportation. Cixing Corp has occupied 30 percent of global market share in the field of computerized flat knitting machine , which is hard for the other two leading brands to surpass.
    Industrial advantage is the result of the breakthrough and the command of kernel technologies. The use of self-developed and invented O ring and C ring by Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant after 8 years of effort s , the conquest of countless technical, financial and experimental difficulties along with others beyond imagination ,the

    persuasive complicated experiments along with test runs of nuclear reactor and the acceptance of numerous relevant ministries after many times of performance checking indicates that we have started to cross the threshold of nuclear sealing technology ,which has long been monopolized by exclusive companies. The ever-more frequent extreme disaster climate has pushed the rise of Chinese high speed rail thresholds due to the influence to the performance of high speed railway machine frame posed by low temperature. Tests on the safety degree of mechanical properties  are to be run under -20 degrees C , -40 degrees C ,-50 degrees C and -60 degrees C according to new standards. HuiLi crossed the threshold regardless of all difficulties. It is only 10 years during which Cixi transformed from a nameless company to a first-class Chinese brand then a top-three global brand. Cixi has always stuck to the belief of owning core technologies and always had the strategic goal of owning intellectual property rights and commanding core technologies for its development. Cixi has set its eyes on the first of the world since its acquisition of Steiger ,which ranked the third in computerized  flat knitting machine manufacture globally in the year 2010 ,its acquisition of LOGICA and its listing in Shenzhen Stock Exchange on March 29th ,2012.
    Complete the technology- convergence in the world’s hand , Compete in the Chinese market in the end.
      Chinese high speed rail has become a unique transportation phenomenon and an equipment-production one in the world. HuiLi has started its cooperation with Bombardier since 2005 ,which led it to small scale production in 2009. In the year 2015, Ars became one of Huili’s partners followed the pace of Siemens in the year of 2011.The advantages in performance-price ratio and development & research period have been achieved through technical innovations and managerial ones. China has become the largest sweater-producing country in the world and the biggest battlefield for world-class brands . Great contributions have been made by Cixi Tech. in terms of the breakage of international brand monopolization and the reform of folk textile industry

  • Three robot technology and application docking meetings held in Ningbo
  • New models for female entrepreneurship explored
  • Ningbo’s cross-border e-commerce with CEEC countries brisk
  • Ningbo Bonded Area Becoming the Core Area of Cross-Border E-commerce

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