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The“NINGBOEXPAT MIXER”. -OPEN FOR ALL-  will be held each first Wednesday of the month  at the named location between 19.00 till 21:30. Buy your Rmb 80 voucher at the entrance and get 2 Drinks - Draft Beer Tsing Tao or Carlsberg, Red and White Wine, Soft Drinks and Chilled Juices and any additional standard drink at  50% discounted rates in combination with selected Complimentary food   A great place for new comers to Ningbo and meeting old friends again. The theme "Mingle and Enjoy".  Entrance is free ( consummation voucher Rmb80 for 2 drinks at the entrance) and “no strings attached” This week Wednesday 6th May at the Lobster Bar in Shangri La Hotel Ningbo

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Ningbo Governmental News and Information

  • Dairy product imported from EU set new high

    Dairy product imported from EU set new high

    According to Ningbo Customs, the imported dairy products from EU set a monthly new high since 2008. It is a big change since EU lifted dairy product quota on March 31. However, as analysts pointed out, despite the lift of quota, the productivity and milk source are unable to meet the demand of Chinese market. The dairy product enterprise have to improve their production lines. It is estimated that people in Ningbo will be able to drink cheaper milk with more brands from EU.

    EU remains the major source of imported infant formula, liquid milk, whey mist and cheese. According to Ningbo Customs, the milk powder from EU takes up the major part the imported 121.3 thousand infant formula last year. If you type in "Imported Milk Powder", the top three of sales are Friso from Netherland, Biostime from France and Cowgate from Netherland. The total sales of Friso is about 33300. If you type in "Imported Milk", the top three are Oldenburger and Sunsides from Germany, and Mlekovita from Poland

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  • Paperless inspection and quarantine for the transfer of imported car
  • Huge investment in the upgrading of the rivers and banks of Ningbo

Ningbo District - Know More About the City Around You

  • “Yuyao enterprises speeding up “going global” process

    “Yuyao enterprises speeding up “going global” process

    Wood fireplaces produced by Ningbo Hongsheng Fireplace Co., Ltd. are hot on American websites like eBay and Amazon. LED lights produced by Ningbo Liaoyuan Co., Ltd. sell well in countries like Equatorial Guinea and Venezuela. These are demonstrations of Yuyao's enterprises proactively integrating with the world market, participating in the construction of “One Belt and One Road” and accelerating the speed of “going out”. By the end of 2014, Yuyao had put foreign investment in 58 countries and regions in five continents. In 2014, Yuyao approved 26 new overseas enterprises with Chinese investment of 148 million US dollars and gained 99.27 million US dollars from overseas contracting projects, an increase of 20.7% and 20.3% than a year before respectively. In the first quarter of 2015, Yuyao approved 6 new overseas enterprises with Chinese investment of 25.2 million US dollars and gained 35.09 million US dollars from overseas contracting projects.
    In 2014, 26 Yuyao's enterprises set overseas enterprise in America, Germany and other countries and regions. These enterprises adopted various forms of investment and broadened their development space by setting up international business network, realizing cross-border e-commerce, establishing overseas R&D branches and implementing international merges and acquisitions. With the help of Italian and French designers, Ningbo UTEC Electric Co., Ltd. established overseas R&D center to improve the R&D abilities of domestic company and establish its own brand. Besides, the company set up sales centers in America,

    Germany, France and Middle East with an increase of 33% in its output value in 2014 than a year before. Ningbo Hongsheng Fireplace Co., Ltd. not only registered its own brand in Germany but also achieved cross-border e-commerce. Their products' favorable rate on American websites like eBay and Amazon reached 99.5%. In the first quarter of 2015, their output value reached 3.353 million US dollars, an increase ...read more

  • “Marine financial town” to be built at Meishan Bonded Port
  • 13th Xu Xiake Traveling Festival kicks off
  • 7th China Lake Leisure Festival kicks off
  • 1st China Internet Exposition held in Ningbo Bonded Zone

Ningbo Business News and Insider Info

  • China (Zhejiang Merchants)Innovative Design Summit concluded

    China (Zhejiang Merchants)Innovative Design Summit concluded

    China (Zhejiang Merchants) Innovative Design Summit 2015 and the 5th "Hefeng Award" Industrial Design Contest was concluded recently. 1025 products and projects were awarded in the past 5 contests. During the event, 1119 manufacturing enterprises made deals with designing enterprises, the total transaction reaching over 210 million yuan, which directly or indirectly increased more than 30 billion yuan for the manufacturing industry.
    "Made-in-China 2025 and Internet+ will bring the industrial designing industry to a golden period," said the official from Ningbo Economic and Information Technology Committee. In recent years, the municipal government has been trying to promote industrialization of industrial designing, improve the designing and industrialization ability. By making matches for industries and using the platforms of industrial aggregation area, it will integrate all resources to build the industrial brands and city brands of Designed-in-Ningbo.
    Departments concerned have also set up special development fund of industrial design industry to support design project match-making, Hefeng Prize Industrial Design Contest, park construction, enterprise-cultivation, talent training and communication, and industrial supporting system construction

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  • China (Zhejiang Merchants)Innovative Design Summit concluded
  • China (Zhejiang Merchants)Innovative Design Summit concluded
  • Easier yuan rules for foreign firms
  • “3315 Plan” promotes development of start-ups

Ningbo On The Campus - Schools And University

  • Memorandum between University of Nottingham and Ningbo New Material Research Institute signed

    Memorandum between University of Nottingham and Ningbo New Material Research Institute signed

    On the afternoon of May 6th, memorandum of Ningbo New Material Research Institute was signed at the University of Nottingham in Ningbo. Before the signing ceremony, Liu Qi, Provincial Party Committee and Party Secretary, David Greenaway, president of the University of Nottingham joined a discussion of cooperation on development. City leaders Wang Jianbo, Chan Chungchao and Yang Fujia, president of the University of Nottingham attended the ceremony.

    Ningbo New Material Research Institute of the University of Nottingham was set up by the University of Nottingham and sponsored by Ningbo National Hi-tech Zone (New Material Technology Town Board), the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau. The institute, with new materials technology and engineering research as the core, engages in the fields of composite materials and engineering, soil mechanics and particle materials and technologies, sustainable materials and advanced manufacturing technology, new energy materials and technology, advanced materials and engineering analysis technology to make technology innovation internationally competitive. It is expected to introduce five international high-end R & D teams, build international schools in China's scientific and technological achievements into bases, as well as an important platform for international science and technology cooperation in Ningbo in about five years.

    Liu Qi has expressed thanks for the support to the development of Ningbo from the University of Nottingham and welcomed David • Greenaway and his team's visits. He said that the University of Nottingham built by Nottingham and Ningbo had already flourished. The contract is an upgraded version of the Nottingham and Ningbo cooperation in hope of driving the institute to give full play to the advantages of international


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  • Job Fair for College Students Held in Ningbo
  • Online entrepreneur takes aim at silly English name choices
  • Cooperative education projects bloom in Ningbo
  • Ningbo E-commerce Incubation Base opened

Picture Story - See Ningbo With Other Eyes

NEICC What Can You Share With The Community

NEICC  NingboExpat International Community Center  NEICC   The NEICC (Ningbo Expat International Community Center) located in Jiandong Mansion near Carrefour and Fubang stadium, two key locations in Ningbo, is created to be a place to share and enjoy.  NEICC Ningbo Expat International Community CenterThe NEICC is offering to all Ningbo business, professional and individuals to host events at the location which can be contributing to the Ningbo Expat community life. To give you some example: Seasonal sales of textile or promotional items which are in your stock and of good quality, Kids and toddlers fashion, ladies fashion, swimwear etc. Promotional items that are overstocked from campaigns, production samples and novelties etc….:. We also know that some members of the Ningbo community are doing handicrafts, jewelries following traditional style of their country. If you are importing items from your country and are looking to present them to the wider circle of the community…….this is the right place. You are an artist and want to show your skills to a larger group neicc-buildingof people, music, dance, theater playing, cosplay, painting, photography…… we will support you with the sophisticated location. Seminars and workshops, DIY classes…….. and 1000 other things --- you do it , we promote it. Looking for a place to meet frequently to play chess, backgammon, bridge….. and enjoy a free coffee, tea or juice….. talk to us for details. Tell us what YOU can do and what you want to share with the community. We will be supporting it. Get in contact with us at expat@ningbolife.com   or  Wechat/ Weixin : ningboexpat    . We will arrange the presentation with you. You will be surprised how big that can be, because we will promote it to a large crowed. Looking forward to hearing from you NEICC – Exclusively Sponsored by NingboExpat.com, New Way Services and Vanke

Ningbo Tourist

  • Agritourism in Ningbo to be accelerated

    Agritourism in Ningbo to be accelerated

    It is learned from the Agritourism Promotion Meeting held on March 31 that Ningbo will speed up the agritourism by promoting the transformation and upgrading from countryside sightseeing to rural leisure holidaying and living. It is hoped that in three years, the agritourism will become an important growth pole for Ningbo's tourism, the driven industry for the rural economic transformation and upgrading and the livelihood industry benefiting the citizens. Ningbo will be constructed as a first-class domestic agritourist destination featuring mountain and ocean-side vacations.
    To optimize the spatial layout of the agritourism, Ningbo has organized such related departments as tourism, agricultural affairs office and land & resources to draft "the improvement planning for Ningbo's agritourism". According to the planning, based on the mountain and sea resources, Ningbo will focus on the clustering development of agritourism with the Siming Mountain area and Xiangshan Port and Sanmen Bay area as the two major tourist destinations. Meanwhile, it will accelerate the construction of such major agritourist towns as Xikou, Huchen and Maoyang, and such major villages as Shilin, Shadi and Hongqiang. In addition, a group of demonstration towns and villages will be built with various industrial patterns, complete service functions, clear comprehensive profits and strong driving force, so as to promote the overall development of agritourism in Ningbo.

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  • “Beautiful Countryside”, the Year of Tourism Promotion activity unveiled
  • The 8th Ninghai Dongshan Peach Flower Festival will soon open

China n the Global News

  • China In The Global News –  How The World Sees IT

    China In The Global News – How The World Sees IT

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