Each First Wednesday OF The Month its MIXER Time Open FOR ALL

The“NINGBOEXPAT MIXER”. -OPEN FOR ALL-  will be held each first Wednesday of the month  at the named location between 19.00 till 21:30. Drinks - Draft Beer Tsing Tao or Carlsberg, Red and White Wine, Soft Drinks and Chilled Juices at  discounted rates in combination with Complimentary finger food   A great place for new comers to Ningbo and meeting old friends again. The theme "Mingle and Enjoy".  Entrance is free and “no strings attached”

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Ningbo Governmental News and Information

  • 20 technical masters win 570 thousand innovation red envelop

    20 technical masters win 570 thousand innovation red envelop

    Recently, 20 workers who participated in the innovation were awarded about 570 thousand yuan. "In the 11th constructive proposal competition for the staff, 15 golden ideas put forward by these award winners can save or increase 58.64 million yuan for the enterprises," said the official from the Federation of Trade Unions. The bonus this year set a record.
    The annual good idea competition for the staff in the city is an activity for innovation which attracted extensive participation of the employees in Yuyao. Since 2004, about 1700 enterprises have held good idea competition. About 500 thousand employees have been involved and about 400 thousand good ideas have been put forward. About one hundred enterprises have made policies to encourage constructive proposals from the employees. The 346 constructive winners proposals have produced around 1.7 billion profit

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  • Paper traffic pass will resume since 20:00 on April 6
  • Ningbo entitled “safe city” for nine consecutive years

Ningbo District - Know More About the City Around You

  • 1st China Internet Exposition held in Ningbo Bonded Zone

    1st China Internet Exposition held in Ningbo Bonded Zone

    1st China Cross-border Trade E-commerce Exposition(hereinafter referred to as Internet Exposition) will be held from June 28 to 30. The host Ningbo Bonded Zone is making efforts to prepare for the event.
    It is learned that the venue of the exposition will be in Ningbo International Conventional Center and Ningbo Imported Commodity Exhibition and Trade Center. The General Manager of the center said that the theme of the Internet Exposition is to build a reliable cross-border E-commerce ecosystem. The event will have three sessions: forum, exhibition and investment talk. The forum session will last for 2 days, which mainly includes discussion on E-commerce industrial development strategy, summit on global cross-border E-commerce, forum on cross-border E-commerce ecosystem and summit on E-commerce and Internet Finance. Participants will have dialogue and interaction during the forum.
    The exhibition section will be held in Ningbo International Conventional Center. The 3-day exhibition will include E-commerce enterprise exhibition, Internet financial enterprises exhibition, exhibition of Zhejiang and Ningbo features and E-commerce classroom. There will be altogether 1000 booths. The E-commerce classroom will invite famous E-commerce teachers and executives of E-commerce enterprises to give lesions on E-business. Basic E-business knowledge, online shopping and right maintenance.
    The investment talk include China International E-commerce Industrial Park Promotion and Cross-border E-business Match-making, Cross-border E-business Base in Ningbo Bonded Zone and Industrial Park with Special Features Promotion

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  • Ecological burial encouraged in Beilun
  • Rail-sea transportation capacity of Zhenhai Port increases
  • Top household appliance exhibition held in Yuyao
  • Beilun District Resorts to IT to Ensure Transparent Bidding Procedure

Ningbo Business News and Insider Info

  • China (Zhejiang Merchants)Innovative Design Summit concluded

    China (Zhejiang Merchants)Innovative Design Summit concluded

    China (Zhejiang Merchants) Innovative Design Summit 2015 and the 5th "Hefeng Award" Industrial Design Contest was concluded recently. 1025 products and projects were awarded in the past 5 contests. During the event, 1119 manufacturing enterprises made deals with designing enterprises, the total transaction reaching over 210 million yuan, which directly or indirectly increased more than 30 billion yuan for the manufacturing industry.
    "Made-in-China 2025 and Internet+ will bring the industrial designing industry to a golden period," said the official from Ningbo Economic and Information Technology Committee. In recent years, the municipal government has been trying to promote industrialization of industrial designing, improve the designing and industrialization ability. By making matches for industries and using the platforms of industrial aggregation area, it will integrate all resources to build the industrial brands and city brands of Designed-in-Ningbo.
    Departments concerned have also set up special development fund of industrial design industry to support design project match-making, Hefeng Prize Industrial Design Contest, park construction, enterprise-cultivation, talent training and communication, and industrial supporting system construction

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  • China (Zhejiang Merchants)Innovative Design Summit concluded
  • China (Zhejiang Merchants)Innovative Design Summit concluded
  • Easier yuan rules for foreign firms
  • “3315 Plan” promotes development of start-ups

Ningbo On The Campus - Schools And University

Picture Story - See Ningbo With Other Eyes

Ningbo Tourist

  • Agritourism in Ningbo to be accelerated

    Agritourism in Ningbo to be accelerated

    It is learned from the Agritourism Promotion Meeting held on March 31 that Ningbo will speed up the agritourism by promoting the transformation and upgrading from countryside sightseeing to rural leisure holidaying and living. It is hoped that in three years, the agritourism will become an important growth pole for Ningbo's tourism, the driven industry for the rural economic transformation and upgrading and the livelihood industry benefiting the citizens. Ningbo will be constructed as a first-class domestic agritourist destination featuring mountain and ocean-side vacations.
    To optimize the spatial layout of the agritourism, Ningbo has organized such related departments as tourism, agricultural affairs office and land & resources to draft "the improvement planning for Ningbo's agritourism". According to the planning, based on the mountain and sea resources, Ningbo will focus on the clustering development of agritourism with the Siming Mountain area and Xiangshan Port and Sanmen Bay area as the two major tourist destinations. Meanwhile, it will accelerate the construction of such major agritourist towns as Xikou, Huchen and Maoyang, and such major villages as Shilin, Shadi and Hongqiang. In addition, a group of demonstration towns and villages will be built with various industrial patterns, complete service functions, clear comprehensive profits and strong driving force, so as to promote the overall development of agritourism in Ningbo.

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  • “Beautiful Countryside”, the Year of Tourism Promotion activity unveiled
  • The 8th Ninghai Dongshan Peach Flower Festival will soon open